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   When you look at, or better yet, handle one of my knives,

   notice some common things about the different shapes, materials,

   and feel.  Handle materials are hand selected to suit each individual knife.

   Whether it is walnut, ironwood, antler, horn, ivory, or other exotic materials,

   I want the handle to feel nice and be an integral part of the whole.  And to enhance
   the appearance and usability, some materials are pressure treated to add durability

   and long life.   Sambar stag is a kind of deer from India.  It is the best of all antlers

   for knives as it has great density and shines up like ivory.  It cannot be shipped from

  India any longer, but there is still some old stock around.

Blades & Materials


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  Steel is chosen for each blade as the design is crafted into a finished piece.  I often use ATS 34, a blade that gives   great working life.  Carbon steels used include 1084 and O-1.  These steels are good solid performers that hold up well in use.  For my Damascus blades, I forge two different blends of steels.  1095 is welded with pure nickel to produce a strong blade that has flashy streaks in the pattern.  For a more subdued blade, that is great for general     use, I weld 1084 with 15n20.

  Guards and pins are stainless steel.


To contact me:

Glendale, Arizona
Phone: 602-809-0481