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A new piece; drop point hunter with five inch ATS-34 Stainless blade.  The blade has been professionally heat and cryogenically treated.  The handle is Sambar stag with great contrast.  Black, Nickel Silver, and African Blackwood spacers are used to accent the stag and amber.   This knife comes with one of my handmade sheaths of Weaver leather basket stamped and hand sewn.  This knife is available now for $350 plus shipping and insurance. Email  or call for further information. 

A full tang hunter that features sambar stag scales on an ATS-34 blade that has been heat and cryogenically treated.   Pins and guard are 416 stainless steel. The overall length is 9 1/5 inches with a 5 inch blade. This comes with a handmade basket stamped sheath fitted to this knife only.  This blade was completed and sold today(06252007). A similar piece would be around $300.

Medium size hunter,  ATS-34 Stainless blade has been heat and cryogenically  treated.   Handle is presentation grade desert ironwood with amber, african blackwood and nickel spacers.  The guard is 416 stainless steel.   The sheath is hand fitted to the knife and is hand sewn and basket stamped.  This knife is available for $275 plus shipping.

A 4 inch drop point blade made of ATS-34 Stainless.  The scales are sambar stag, a kind of deer from India whose antler is the best of all antlers for knives.  It has great density and shines up like ivory.  It cannot be shipped from India any longer, but there is still some old stock around.  The whitetail deer engraved in the center is by the knife maker.  This knife is priced at $850.

a small knife with red amber and snakewood for the handle.  SOLD This is a 8 1/4" long drop point skinner with 4" blade, The blade is a full tang of ATS-34 and has been heat and cryogenically treated. The guard and pins are 416 stainless. The handle is from the horn of an african plains antelope "Kudu" and the combination of the natural rough texture and the smoothness done in the fitting process feels really good in the hand. With a hand fitted and tooled sheath that is hand sewn, this knife is available for $250

This is a ten inch long hunter with a hidden tang ATS-34 stainless blade that is five inches long and has been heat treated and cryogenically treated. The guard is 416 stainless and the stabilized wood handle is dyed maple with several colors running through it. The spacers include nickel silver, african blackwood and oosik.
This piece is for sale now $275 and includes a Weaver leather hand stamped and sewn sheath fitted to this knife.
This knife is a drop point hunter with a full tang blade of ATS-34 that has been heat treated and cryogenically treated. The blade is about 4" and the overall length is about 8". The scales are mammoth molars that have taken on an awesome display of colors. This knife and a hand basket stamped and sewn sheath is available for $350 plus shipping.

This trailing point knife is almost a foot long. The blade steel is 440C, the handle material is mammoth bone. I engraved the stainless bolsters with a bull elephant on one side and a side view of his lady elephant on the other. I entered this knife in the judging contest for knives at Southern Cal Blades recent EXPO 2010 and it was awarded the trophy for best engraved knife.